Loading a Mesh

The next step is to load a mesh.

The loadMesh function has a _name option set by default as the default value of the --gmsh.filename option that point either to a .geo, either to a .msh, or a .h5 file. Meshes in general are more detail into this section.

auto mesh=loadMesh( _mesh=new Mesh<Simplex<2>> );

Exporting the Mesh for visualisation

See this section for more details about exporting and visualizing meshes.


An implementation reads as follows:

Unresolved directive in 03-LoadingMesh.adoc - include::../../../codes/03-mymesh.cpp[]

and the associated config file

Unresolved directive in 03-LoadingMesh.adoc - include::../../../codes/03-mymesh.cfg[]