Solve a partial differential equation

With all the previously notions we approach, the definition of a partial differential equation and boundary conditions are our next step. More details on these aspects can be retrieve at this page.

Variational formulation

This example refers to a laplacian problem, define by

Strong formulation
\$-\Delta u=1 \text{ in } \Omega=[0,1]^2, \quad u=1 \text{ on } \partial \Omega\$

After turning the Strong formulation into its weak form, we have

\$\int_\Omega \nabla u \cdot \nabla v = \int_\Omega v,\quad u=1 \text{ on } \partial \Omega\$

where \$u\$ is the unknown and \$v\$ a test function. The left side is known as the bilinear form \$a\$ and the right side is the linear form \$l\$.

\$a(u,v) = l(v), \quad u=1 \text{ on } \partial \Omega\$


The steps to implement this problem are

  • Loading a 2D mesh, creating the function space \$V_h\$, composed of piecewise polynomial functions of order 2, and its associated elements

 auto mesh = loadMesh(_mesh=new Mesh<Simplex<2>>);
 auto Vh = Pch<2>( mesh );
 auto u = Vh->element();
 auto v = Vh->element();
  • Define the linear form \$l\$ with test function space \$V_h\$

auto l = form1( _test=Vh );
l = integrate(_range=elements(mesh),
  • Define the bilinear form \$a\$ with \$V_h\$ as test and trial function spaces

auto a = form2( _trial=Vh, _test=Vh);
a = integrate(_range=elements(mesh),
              _expr=gradt(u)*trans(grad(v)) );

form1 and form2 are used to define respectively the left and right side of our partial differential equation.

  • Add Dirichlet boundary condition on u

      _rhs=l, _element=u, _expr=cst(0.) );

We impose, in this case, \$u=0\$ on \$\partial\Omega\$, with the keyword on.

  • Solving the problem

  • Exporting the solution

auto e = exporter( _mesh=mesh );
e->add( "u", u );

The complete code reads as follows :

Unresolved directive in 11-SolveAnEquation.adoc - include::../../../codes/11-mylaplacian.cpp[]

and the corresponding config file

Unresolved directive in 11-SolveAnEquation.adoc - include::../../../codes/11-mylaplacian.cfg[]